Join Ra and his team of specialists exploring the differences within every parallel universe they come across. The team believe they are exploring something no one else has been able to before, but Ra has been travelling for some time and found that he couldn't do it alone. Now he has a team that has been carefully curated to help him find what he has been looking for.

The worst thing they have to avoid, is them selves. What could possibly go wrong?


Follow the Reconnaissance and Enforcement Specialist, or Rez Unit for short, Romeo One One in his excursions as part of the human military campaign to scout an inhabited alien planet. And if all went well, regardless of first contact outcome, establish a military outpost. It seems as though both the alien species and the humans want a peaceful outcome, yet all obstacles they seem arrive at begin to take on the feeling of being engineered in some way or another. The Rez 1 team is tasked with finding out why and their squad leader, Romeo One One must take his unit deep into the unknown, with zero possibilities of knowing what is to come.

Two things can most definitely kill you here; the harsh alien environment, or an all out war with an alien species that seems to have bigger and better guns.