Creative Insanity


Going Insane

Doing All The Things


I think I’ve gone insane. I just couldn’t help myself. And instead of sticking to one thing and getting good at it, I decided to go for it all! I knew it would eventually come back to make me question everything, but instead of being a normal negative down-spiral-er that I can be, I’ve begun asking all the right questions.

I’ve begun trying to find ways to make everything happen, instead of giving up. It only took 30 years to make that happen. No biggie.

I’m working on 3 novels, 3 blogs, photography, Photoshop art, curating my Instagram, a new YouTube channel and learning about technical writing so that I can enter into that field and do something with it as I chosen technical writing to become my primary source of income, for now. I love to tell stories, in case you didn’t pick up on the theme of those items just mentioned. However this is still, insane!

One of the most important things I’ve learnt since I’ve begun all of this since October 2017, is time management. It’s not that achieving all of this is not possible. It just won’t be possible if I keep slacking off, or not prioritizing my time properly. And that has been super interesting so far. I mean, time management down to the level of calendaring in small breaks and games time just so my mind doesn’t implode.

I think I’m getting the hang of it slowly, but I have also failed quit a bit along the way as well. I mean, last weekend my first YouTube vlog was supposed to be uploaded and I didn’t even record much less get to the editing. There were some things that did manage to get in the way, but I should have at least made the effort to do something, even if it ended up being a handheld phone vlog which only lasted even a minute. Something should have gone out.

Because the other bit that I managed to learn was consistency. It doesn’t matter what or how much of it, but if you say you’re going to do something, make it happen. And I need to get better at that. My only goal currently is that something creative gets done and uploaded each day, whether it’s a new image, piece of art, or any one of the blog posts. And for now that means I’m actively doing something, getting it done and putting it out there for the world to see. But I also need to get better with my social media interactions, instead of this intermittent crap that doesn’t seem to last. They need to become more consistent as well.

Man, my calendar is going to be looking quite intense soon. I even have to calendar in the portion that allows me to review my calendar every Sunday night to ensure that I am prepped for the week to come, with my calendar! But this means that I’ll be utilizing my time as close to 100% as possible and getting all the shit done. And that is the best I can do for now while the talent builds up from repetitive work on the daily.

Notice the repeated use of ‘for now’? I have a plan in place, but there is more to come, for sure. I will master this time business and when that happens, everything will fall into place.

For now? I will happily enjoy the process.