About The Commander


Commander Shane is a man who assumed command of his life, when his reflection began to question his own existence. He took control and decided that from now he would only end up serving his time to his future. If what he was about to do was not going to be conducive to that future, it would be cast aside immediately.

He likes sandbox games, super cheesy pizzas and short walks to the kitchen. He also occasionally partakes in morning meditations with the first cup of coffee in one hand and a vape in the other whilst standing in the sun to warm up.

Shane comes from a developer background, where he would spend his days destroying himself mentally to help make humanity more efficient (lazier). Now, he captures moments and attempts to display them as beautifully as possible with photography. But this isn't the only way he enjoys telling stories.

He also loves to blog, write shorts stories and is also currently working on 2 novels which he seems to be taking his time with. Potentially way too much time with. His excuse is the fallback of how the game company Valve likes to release games, "It'll be ready when it's ready."

Shane hopes that his story as told here on his site will inspire others into beginning to make their way into all the things they have ever wanted to do. And to be able to reaffirm to themselves the concept of, "It is never too late." He believes that if people knew how he came to be, that they too will be able to work towards making their own souls sing. 

And that is the best gift we can pass along to anyone.