This page is about me. But it is interesting, I'm supposed to be on a social media shutdown. But I guess it doesn't mean I can't explore platforms for my writing which was something I didn't chose to shutdown, just as an outlet.

So here we are.

Blades of grass on a bright sunny morning at the Auckland Botanical Gardens in New Zealand.
Photo by CMDR Shane / Unsplash

Just testing out what this image placement looks like. Now, how about a gallery that isn't from Unsplash...

I mean, I'm not a fan of this 9 image limit, but then again, if this publication style site is supposed to be done by the post, then I guess a total gallery of 9 to show off a piece of work each time a post goes up for a piece of work itself, should be pretty decent. Maybe this time, instead of trying to control what I do and do not want, maybe perhaps try to get creative within the confines of the container I'm in, since the software was built this way on purpose, and the theme looks sexy AF, this could be a good thing.

I don't know what I'm doing anymore, this is supposed to be an about page, but just letting my mind take over and typing away, actually feels really good.